Rainbow Griffins Rugby Club


Who we are

In the heart of Toronto, a rugby revolution is underway. The Rainbow Griffins Rugby Football Club is not just a team; it’s a movement dedicated to transforming the sport into a more inclusive, barrier-free, and safe haven for all Torontonians. With a clear mission, vision, and set of values, the Rainbow Griffins are leading the charge for diversity and equity in the world of rugby.

Mission: Breaking Barriers and Building Community

The Rainbow Griffins Rugby Football Club has a bold mission – to develop the sport of rugby for Torontonians, breaking down barriers based on age, gender, sexuality, or any other obstacles that individuals may face. How do they do it? By providing mixed-ability rugby programs and serving the broader rugby community through diversity, inclusion, and equity programs. The goal is clear – reduce barriers and create a safer, more inclusive sport for everyone.

Vision: A Truly Inclusive Rugby Experience

The vision of the Rainbow Griffins goes beyond just their club. They aspire to transform the entire sport of rugby in Canada, making it fully inclusive, barrier-free, and safe for all Torontonians. The focus is on creating an environment that particularly welcomes 2SLGBTQ+, BIPOC, and mixed-ability players. It’s a vision that looks beyond the try line, aiming for a future where everyone can fully embrace the sport without fear of discrimination or exclusion.

Values: The Pillars of Rainbow Griffins

The Rainbow Griffins Rugby Football Club is built on a strong foundation of values that guide their actions on and off the field. These values are not just words; they are the pillars that uphold the spirit of the club:

  1. Championing Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity: The Rainbow Griffins are committed to celebrating diversity and ensuring that every individual, regardless of background, feels included and valued in the rugby community.
  2. Commitment to Fair Play and Fun Play: In the pursuit of victory, the Rainbow Griffins emphasize fair play and the joy of the game. It’s not just about winning; it’s about creating an atmosphere where everyone can enjoy the sport to the fullest.
  3. Safe and Respectful Places: Wherever the Rainbow Griffins go, they bring with them an unwavering commitment to safety and respect. Their aim is to cultivate an environment where players can focus on their game without fear of prejudice or harm.

The Rainbow Griffins Rugby Football Club is not just redefining rugby; they are rewriting the narrative of what a sports community can and should be. Through their mission, vision, and values, they are paving the way for a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable future for the sport, one where everyone can learn, play, and grow together. As the Rainbow Griffins soar towards their goals, they invite Torontonians to join them on this remarkable journey of transformation and unity in the world of rugby.

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